INTRODUCTION TO CASPER.PY is a self written Computer Aided Stocks Picking Evaluation Routine. It collects and rates financial data of round about 1000 different stocks.

By using the name and the acronym of a stock, extracts the published financial data of the last fiscal years as well as the past price development from Afterwards, it visits to get also estimated financial data for future fiscal years. All information are freely accessible on both websites. The program has completed its first major task when all information have been collected, sorted, summarized and written to a csv-file.

The second task of is to rate the stored financial data. Therefore, it calculates key figures, which are commonly used for stock evaluation. Most of them are of fundamental character, but a few are also technical. Based on theses key figures, the stocks can finally be evaluated using various strategies. My strategies for identifying stocks which deserve a more detailed analysis are explained here.