You are wondering if your financial plan for your retirement is appropriate? Then, this retirement calculator may help you!

First you type in your current age and seed captial. Second you define your monthly saving rate and guess a yearly amount of return. Usually something between 3 to 7 %. Finally, the desired start of your retirement must be stated. And if you want you can adjust your estimated percentage return of your investment for this phase.

As the result you get the theoretical monthly salary you can take from your total achieved capital - solely paid by the return of your investments!

current situation
age [years]
seed capital [€ or $]
saving phase
monthly saving rate [€ or $]
yearly return on invest [%]
retirement phase
age [years]
yearly return on invest [%]

retirement salary
saving period [years]
value of seed capital [€ or $]
value of monthly savings [€ or $]
total capital [€ or $]
yearly salary [€ or $]
monthly salary [€ or $]
yearly salary (-25 % tax) [€ or $]
monthly salary (-25 % tax) [€ or $]