2017 It all started with the book "A relaxing way to wealth" written by the successfull fund manager Susan Levermann. In this book, she introduced her stocks rating system specially designed for private persons. Highly motivated and curious, I bought my first stocks according to the system I just learned. At the end of the year I was quite familiar with it and possessed shares from five different companies.

2018 The start of the year was unspectacular. All investments went satisfying and I continued buying stocks. In autumn of 2018, the stocks market of my home country dropped significantly and I became insecure. Are stocks really a good idea? Do I know enough about stocks to compete with other investors? I decided to take the risk and not to sell a single stock. I even purchased some index funds during that period hoping that the markets will recover within the next years.

2019 The index funds turned out to be a good decision. However, I have to admit that I also sold some of my other stocks with clear losses. Looking back, I think, I sold to late or relied too much on companies` supposedly good financial key data. On the positive side, I started to rate stocks automatically with a self written computer routine. I was just annoyed about how much time it took to gather and evaluate financial figures from a handful companies.

2020 My most turbulent year. In the first half of the year share prices fell dramatically due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The so far good value development of the index funds? Gone. The overall positive depot performance? Reduced to a minimum. Nevertheless, selling was not an option. Instead I again bought a few stocks which I partly sold immediately after their prices recovered in july. Since this year, minor losses upset me far more less. And at the end of the year the overall depot performance was even satisfying.

2021 The availability of vaccines significantly reduced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the stock markets. In my opinion, the record levels of the stock indices did not fit to a still present global pandemic, which is why I kept my cash portion high (> 25%). High price levels (Infineon and Dassault Systemes), complex business models (Check Point Software) or a too bulky company structure (Unilever) made me sell some stocks. My purchases of Varta and Nel had no good timing, but their good future prospects will hopefully cause a profitable long term investment. Intel and Thermo Fisher were both bought due to of their good fundamental data.